About the Artist

Stephanie Hillman



Stephanie Hillman is an artist specializing in watercolor, pottery, and fine arts design based out of Salt Lake City, UT.

I started doing art at a very young age. My parents always encouraged me to expand on my artistic abilities, and provided me with the resources and classes I needed to start my career as an artist. I began taking watercolor classes at the Petersen’s Art Center in 2003. I had never tried watercolor before and was interested in learning a new form of art. Since then watercolor has become a medium I enjoy working with the most. Watercolor has taught me to reach new levels with my art, always challenging me to let the picture paint itself and learning how to let go of control. However, I do enjoy other mediums where I am able to take more control of the finished result.

My ink designs were never something I aspired to do, but while in high school I started with simple design elements that were later recognized by my piers. From there I began to create tattoo designs for interested prospectors, which made me more fascinated in the design aspect of ink. I started to create more elaborate designs leaning less towards tattoos and more towards media. However, my growth did not end there, and I continued to explore new genres of art.

During my time at the art center I focused mainly on fine arts, but was approached by a fellow teacher who recognized my talents and asked me to join her pottery class. Pottery was definitely my biggest challenge because it took on a whole new aspect to art. It was a good learning experience to transition from working with a palette to working more hands on. Pottery has made me grow into a whole new artist, and I hope to continue to grow and learn more about all aspects of art.

I have studied fine arts at the Petersen’s Art Center in Salt Lake City for 10 years, and have been a children’s art instructor there for 6 years. I really enjoy what I do and I love inspiring and teaching young minds.

For parents, Petersen’s Art Center is an awesome environment for children to learn and grow, and I would love to teach them to express themselves through art. If you are interested, please contact the Art Center at www.petersenartcenter.com. You can also visit my “Art Classes” page for more information on adult classes.